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So, my third installment of the Company of the Chain went up on Amazon two days ago, guys. I’m really pleased with the way this one turned out. I mean, I don’t as a general rule put out anything that I’m not proud of, –bad for business that– but this book is where the real juice of the novel begins to pick up. The first two are pretty rollicking reads full of skullduggery, danger, and intrigue, but this one is where we really drop into the bigger plot.

These little novellas are eventually going to be bound up in an omnibus edition so, if you want to wait around and get the whole thing at once, I get that. But, right now, they’re about 90 minute reads and perfect for commutes or lunchbreaks. That is, of course, if you lunchbreaks could use a little bit more Dark Fantasy. If they’re sufficiently dark and fantastic, I completely understand.

The series starts with the Company of the Chain, a famed mercenary company operating in the Successor States of the old Empire. These hard-bitten sell-swords are currently in service to a megalomaniacal noble patron, defending an old broken-down fortress in the savage wilderness from an army of really angry barbarians. Things rapidly devolve from there. You can check out the first book here.

If you want to just jump into the third volume apropos of nothing, you can do that, too. The novellas stand alone pretty well. You’ll be missing some in-jokes and greater context, but if you want to just pick up what’s new, you can find it here.

Any-road, if you like the site, like the content, and want to see more of the same, I’d like you to consider checking out my book. It’s the easiest way to show me that you’re out there and listening. Plus, unlike flooding my site with ads and junking up the signal to noise ratio, you get a book out of this deal. I think that’s pretty neat. Also, if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, you can support me for FREE! I get a couple cents for every book of mine you read on Kindle Unlimited. Pretty neat.

I’m a big fan of the self-publishing route, because I’m philosophically opposed to gate-keeping. I don’t think there’s a really broad market for Glen Cook-esque mercenary fantasy novels, even though the guy casts a long shadow through popular fantasy. Scott Lynch, Joe Abercrombie, R. Scott Bakker, and a bunch of others have cited him as an influence. But, I don’t think I could ever convince one of the major printing houses that my books would be hugely saleable. Going the self-publishing route, though, I can share some words with the people who might most be interested in watching me work through the complicated psychological baggage that comes of ten years in Special Operations through the lens of fantasy Band of Brothers in fantasy renaissance Italy.

And hey, if you like it, leave me a review. That gets more eyes on the book which also links back to this blog. I’ve gotten a lot of reads and I’m still completely without a single review on Amazon. I refuse to believe that everyone who picks it up walks away without some kind of opinion. If you like it, review it and pass it on. If you hate it, let me know why. Both of these are helpful.

Either way, I’m going to keep writing. Why? Because it’s good for the soul to make art.

Throwdown Thursday’s coming up. Hope you’re ready to teach your players to hate Chatterhounds.

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