Six Silk Pennants

So, I’m diverting from my prepared remarks for just a minute, here, guys. I’m happy to announce that the third installment of my dark-fantasy series is coming to Amazon in the next couple of days. This is the one that I’ve had described to me as “Fantasy Vietnam war diaries on magic peyote.” I’m finishing up editing and my art department is throwing together a tremendous looking cover. I’m really excited, and sometimes I like to use this blog to gush a little bit.

To that end, I’m celebrating. My books are always free to read on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, but I’m giving away the second book in the Company of the Chain series as a Kindle eBook for free until Friday whether you have Kindle Unlimited or not. If you like what I do here, want to throw a couple of cents my way, or are just a fan of fantasy stories–don’t look at me like that, you are reading a Dungeons and Dragons blog–I’d love if you went and gave it a look.

If you read it and you like it, please leave me a review on Amazon, because that helps more people find the book, which helps more people find the site, which makes me want to write and update both of these creative endeavors more often, which means…well, you see where this is going. If you read it, I’ll keep writing.

I’m just kidding. I’ll keep writing anyway.

Monster Monday will be happening tomorrow, and I’ve got a good one for you. Throwdown Thursday as scheduled. Getting back on track after the weirdness that has been my last week. I appreciate the patience. If you’re having trouble waiting, though…I know a good book you can settle in with.

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