Throwdown Thursday: Gorsebrook, a floral festival village square battlemap for 5e D&D

It’s Valentine’s Day, and as I’ve said, I’m not a huge festive D&D guy. But I made the Heart Collector, so obviously I’m a tremendous liar. If you’ve been paying attention to the blog oh these many weeks, you know that I’m not going to put a monster up without a battlemap to fight it on. That’d be cruel. There’s enough cruelty on Valentine’s Day.

Or there will be when you introduce your plucky band of heroes to the Village of Gorsebrook. I’ll keep the remarks light here and let you have a look at the village square arrayed for a festival and let your mind begin to percolate on all of the fun ways that a devil might stir up a little bit of sport.

To make this map really shine, I’d advise turning the town into a murder-mystery. Have the PCs on high alert for some kind of monster that’s been preying on the populace. Better if you can convince them that one of the villagers is to blame for the grisly slayings. Then, when the NPCs are starting to let their guard down as the festival kicks into high gear? Wham. Heart Collector in the crowded town square.

If you really want to be nasty, give the Heart Collector some legendary actions. Let it dominate a couple of NPCs. Let it rend hearts. Show your players why this thing is a terrifying folk-tale. Then, let them kick it in the teeth.

Lots of flowers on that map. There are even a couple of red roses. Happy hunting, heroes.

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