Throwdown Thursday: Briarwight Grotto, a Forest Shrine Battlemap for D&D 5e

Punch in battlemaps and forest into your favorite search engine and you’re going to get plenty of places for ambushes. That’s all well and good, but we built an ambush predator that isn’t just going to charge out of the trees on Monday, and I want to make sure that you’ve got something that can take advantage of its particular strengths when you bring it to the table. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

This map is built to take advantage of difficult terrain and the Briarwight’s complete no-selling of difficult terrain. Make your players slog to get to the thing and have it mercilessly pelt them with all manner of stuff. Drag them through the forest and hang them from trees. Make them work to see what’s up on that altar, or what’s in the cave behind. I kind of love the thought of some reinforcements hiding out in there too, ready to help the Briarwight even the odds when the heroes finally close in. Talk about a nasty surprise.

If you guys want me to start packaging these things as fully-prepped modular encounters, I’m more than happy to format them that way. I just need a little feedback. Until I get someone giving me the “rescue arms” and an opinion, I’m going to go ahead and carry on giving you maps without hooks. I trust you guys to plug these in, or find cool uses for the maps. You seem like a clever bunch.

Anyway, short post today, but I didn’t want to let Thursday go by without a map. Saturday would be pretty lackluster without it, right?

Happy rolling.

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