Apropos of Nothing

I’m still trying to get my Blades in the Dark review all sussed out, because I think, after twenty sessions, I’m only just now starting to really get my feet under me. So, while I grapple with the existential dread of not being able to get these words to obey me, enjoy a couple of out of context drops from my crew, the Six Tower Shades, a daringly weird bunch of Shadows.

“There was so many teeth”
–Kid, describing an encounter with our Whisper’s best friend.

“So let me make sure I’m hearing you right. You want to strap the murder-ghost from downstairs into a killer steampunk robot, and tell it to walk home? Like to your house? Are you going to hand it a list of your greatest fears first?”

“I imagine it’s…y’know, yellow. Mucus-y? Like basically, evocative of snot.”
-Kid, on the spot describing the alchemical “Standstill”

“I can resist gravity.”
–Silver, insistently turning into the ghost of Batman

Sugar: “Where’s your sense of adventure?”
Patience: “Tucked neatly behind my sense of survival.”

Seems legit.

“It’s not going to turn into a bear with a knife!”
–Silver, it didn’t. It was much worse.

Kid: “What’s your deal with Left Eye?”
Sugar: “Were you there where I lived that kid’s memory?”
Drake: “I mean, yeah. He fished you out of a river, pulled you out of a barrel of piss, put your fingers back on, your head started feeling better, and then he ran away real fast…”
Sugar: “I hate you”
–Editor’s Note: Sugar lived a body’s final moments in reverse…she was not pleased.

“We can’t keep throwing ourselves into the fire and spending all of our money on ointment!” –Silver

If there’s a cohesive theme to our game, it’s this.

“I’m trying to get into the head of the weirdo who’s keeping all these fingers…”

“So…mistakes were made. That possibly valuable score-thing? A demon might’ve, possibly, y’know. Eaten it.”

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