The Wyld Twins: A Fey Double Warlock Patron for 5e D&D

So I had a friend of mine who came to me with an interesting request. They came to me with the idea that they’d like to be patronized–patron-ated– be-patroned? They wanted to make a deal with a couple of characters that they’d roleplayed with in a previous game. Now, these characters were basically Archfey, but we both agreed that the Archfey patron was a little bland. This player asked me to give a whack at homebrewing something for them.

I like homebrewing as a rule, but it takes a really gentle touch to not just hand world-ending power to players. On the other hand, you need to capture their excitement and pull out some really cool abilities for them to play with. I tend to error more on the side of cool abilities than balance, so take everything hereafter with a grain of salt.

You know what? You’re not here for the breakdown of the how’s and the why’s behind the design. We can leave that for another article, right? I’d like to break it all down in the future for sure, because I think there’s a lot of juice there for discussion. But in the meantime, let’s talk about the Wyld Twins.

The Wyld Twins

You are not like most warlocks. You have not pledged your soul and service to an ineffable being of alien might in hopes of gaining wisdom, strength, and power. You’ve pledged yourself to two.

The Old Court was once a towering majesty against which the current Archfey may only pale in hollow imitation. But time and tide and slow corruption are as inevitable as…well, as inevitable as the falling of the Old Court. Now there are only two. The Wyld Twins are fey of titanic mirth and terrible power. Nuada, of the Silverlance is a hunter, a warrior, a poet of blood and bone. Nuala of the Winter Night is a prophet, a healer, a witch who knows each leaf and crawling thing from cradle to thrashing end. He is rash and daring, she calculating and mysterious in her power. He stands with a spear and bloody red hand, and she spins the fate of all that is. Together they are called The Wyld Twins.

Both will grant you a portion of their ineffable majesty…for a price.

So there it is, a Warlock patron that affords you a little more customizability in your Warlock’s role and some Archfey flavor that isn’t sort of ineffable and vague. I haven’t gotten it to the table yet, but I’ve got some folks who are getting me some feedback in how it handles. If you’d like to be one of them, feel free to tinker and try it out with your next Warlock. I’d love to hear how it plays.

Short post this time, because I’m putting the finishing touches on a free adventure for next week. Stay tuned for a low-level adventure with maps, encounters, a free town, and a mystery all baked in. If you haven’t started your campaign, I hope you’ll consider starting it with “Out with the Trash.”

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