05 May 2020: The Way Ahead

Hey, folks. Just wanted to put in a quick note about the health and wellbeing of the site and the way forward as I see it. It’s a short one, so if you are just here for cool content and the occasional war-story, then feel free to give this one a miss. For those of you who want to get a sneak-peek at what is coming down the pipes, go ahead and read on.

Probably acid…

Alright, so I realize that it’s taking a lot of brain-bytes to put together a monster, a map, and a magical item every week for you guys. What with the world being on fire and stuff, you would think that I’d have all the time in the world to just go ahead and brew up all manner of fun stuff for you guys, right? Well, for those of you who have forgotten, my day-job is actually all about feeding people, so there ain’t no rest for the wicked, I’m afraid. Market-hours are increasing, and that means that I’ve got more and more little green-things (not goblins) to carefully fuss over. But not to worry! I have not forgotten about you. The content drought is not eternal, and I solemnly swear that I’ve got some cool stuff rolling down the pipes.

I can’t keep up with four posts a week though, so I’m going to be trying something else. I see now that a lot of little posts over the course of a week means that you’ve always got something to read, but it isn’t making for meaty, engaging articles. That’s not helping anyone, now is it? If I’m going to sit down and knock out a post, I want it to be something that you’ll get your money’s-worth out of.

Ben Franklin’s disappointment in your spending habits will not be my fault.

So I’m going to start publishing FREE adventures. They’ll probably start trickling out here in the next couple weeks. Included in each of those FREE adventures will be a monster, a map, and a magic item. Yep. For the low, low price of FREE, you’ll get a bunch of cool D&D homebrew stuff and also a framework to get it into your game right now! Did I mention that it was FREE? No Patreon, no DM’s Guild, no paywalls, no gatekeeping, no hidden gotcha subscription model. Just some modular adventures to run as oneshots or to slot into your weekly game.

I think that will actually also enable me to do a post-mortem on what was going through my head when I was designing the adventure as well, so that could be a cool design tutorial or how-to series as well. Maybe you guys can let me know how they run, and that’ll help everyone. Community building! That’s kind of exciting, too.

Okay, so that’s how I’m going to handle the homebrew stuff. But what about the GM advice and the War Stories? They’re not going anywhere. I’ve got a bunch of advice articles that I want to get out, including some cool stuff on making the world seem more alive and dynamic, but haven’t had the time to polish and refine. That’s the real thing about these articles. While I’d love to just have a conversation with the camera and treat this is an informal chat about a game that we all like playing, as soon as I start putting words down, I have to engage my stupid, sexy, writer’s-brain. That means that things take a little longer than I’d like to deliver to you guys. I’ve got four war-stories that are going to be going up in the next four weeks. Honest.

Seriously. If they’re not up starting Sunday, someone send me a message and give me a solid boot. It’s getting really good. You won’t want to miss out.

Just doing my job.

If you’re keeping up with the War Stories, then you obviously know that I’m cheating on Dungeons and Dragons with Scum & Villainy. I’m not ashamed. While this blog is primarily a Dungeons and Dragons focused one, I think that there’s an obvious benefit to dabbling around with other systems. Firstly, I haven’t gotten a single game to the table that I was angry that I sat down and tried. Some of them weren’t run terribly well, and some of them didn’t hang together in the best way, but I never walked away saying, “Man, what a waste of time!” If nothing else, every game I played made me a little sharper on the reasons that the games I love work and the games that I didn’t exactly love don’t. So I’m going to start doing…not exactly reviews. Reviews make it sound like I’m passing judgement and that’s not exactly what I want to do. What I want to do is tell you what is cool about the system, compare and contrast it with Dungeons and Dragons, and then tell you what you can learn from it to make your home game all the better.

Look forward to that.

Lastly, I’m really surprised that the Campaign Pitch example article continues to be my most popular. It was a request that came to me by comment, after all, which means it shouldn’t surprise me that it remains my most viewed in the history of the blog, but it does anyway. So, I’m going to do what any good blogger does when they realize what exactly their audience wants. I’m going to lean in. I’ve got thirteen articles full of pitches coming down the pipe, too. If you aren’t quite sure what kind of game you want to run, you might find it in the oncoming glut of gonzo campaign ideas that I’ve got rattling around. Stay tuned for that.

Something with Orcs, maybe…?

That’s really it, guys. I just wanted to check in and say that there’s more to come on Drake and Dice. We’ve been together only a little over a year now, and the content has been spotty, but I think that now that I know what I want to do with this space, I can be a little better organized when it comes to distributing the good stuff. I want to keep the signal to noise ratio as high as I can, because, to my utter bewilderment, there are people who want to recieve that signal loud and clear. Thanks guys. You’re why I do this, and you’re why I’m comitted to keeping the useful stuff the focus.

Otherwise, you’re stuck with articles like this.

I hope you’re all keeping safe and finding time to get friends around the “table.” Even when the real world gets really dark, there’s never a bad time to get together and tell stories. In fact, that’s the perfect time. A good story sheds its own particular glow. We live in interesting times. Let’s go have an adventure.

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